Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer In this Underground Elevator

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Beer coolers are a pain in the ass. First of all, you have to find a bunch of ice. Then, you have to pour all the ice into the cooler. And that's just the pregame for a wet night full of melting ice. Thank God some zany Danes found a better way.

The eCool is an environmentally friendly and altogether awesome alternative to your humble Igloo. The patented device makes use of the ground's natural coolness by sending your beers a few inches below the surface to chill out, before serving them up with an ingenuous vertical conveyor system that pulls the cans up to a handy dispenser. There's no electricity, no ice, and no mess involved—unless you consider the initial installation, which requires a shovel or garden drill plus some elbow grease.


The only question is: How cold does it keep those beers? Well, that all depends on the temperature of your soil. In New York, for instance, the soileis around 55-degrees right now. That's cool, to be sure, but a far cry from the 35- to 40-degree environment inside your fridge. It's worth noting that this device surely works better in Denmark, where it was invented, since its so far North.

Regardless, it's a neat idea. Whether or not it's $300 neat, however, depends on where you live. And maybe more importantly, how much you like to drink in your backyard. [eCool via Awesomer]


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I often store my bears in caves rather than cellars, I find they age better.

Anyway, there was a house in Palm Springs that had massive holes drilled in the foundation to allow them to stack bottles of spirits (raised by a pneumatic lift) so they would stay cool when not in use.