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If you already feel a little hard done by when it comes to your pay check, brace yourself. Bloomberg reports that four of the five best-paid executives across the whole of the US are employed by Apple—and just wait until you hear how much they earn.


They each, apparently, receive a base salary of $805,400. Hey, that's not too bad, right? But wait: the balance is paid in stock options. And there's quite balance to be paid. According to the rankings Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Technologies took home a package equivalent to a cool $85.5m in 2012. Across the rest of the four, Bruce Sewell, Apple's lead lawyer, netted $69m; Jeffrey Williams, Senior VP of Operations $68.7m; and Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer $68.6m. Not too shabby.

Tim Cook ranks way down the list, coming in at number 1,016 with a mere $4.17m package. But that's a bit misleading: he's rewarded in long-term restricted stock, which comes good over a decade, so it's not included in the figures. The other player in the top five? Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who claims $96.2m for himself. [Bloomberg via 9to5mac]


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