Foxconn Hacked, Making Its Passwords Publicly Available

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Foxconn has more to worry about. As well as struggling to deal with allegations of exploitative working conditions in its factories, it's now had the bad fortune of being hacked, having login and password information spread across the web.


9to5Mac reports that a hacker group called SwaggSec gained access to Foxconn's internal networks through an unpatched copy of Internet Explorer that was being used by a Foxconn employee. (There's a message there which I don't think I need to expand on.)

SwaggSec have distributed a 6.04MB file — through Demonoid and The Pirate Bay — which contains login and password information for Foxconn's email servers, intranets, and various other company-affiliated sites. 9to5Mac also report that they tested some of the credentials out, and they worked. The affected servers are now closed.

It's unclear why Foxconn was targeted, but it could well have something to do with Apple, and the standards in their Chinese factories. [9to5Mac; Image: Tony Law/Wired]


Farquest de Jamal

Oh great... Now Foxconn IT guys are going to start committing suicide.

(Alright, that was a little tasteless.)