Foxconn's Opening a New Factory in North China (To Replace Shenzhen One?)

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What to do when your factory's been plagued with unwanted attention after numerous employee suicides? Why, move up North, that's what. A notice on a government site in Hebi city, North China, suggests Foxconn's looking for 300,000 new workers.


While Foxconn hasn't confirmed they're opening a new factory in North China, the job listing on the government site says that the wage will be $176 (USD) each month for the first three months probation, and thereafter $300 a month will be offered if they're satisfied with the employee's progress. Only one day per week will be given "off," and rather than pushing their workers as they did in their Shenzhen factory, it's been promised overtime will be no more than three hours a day, if necessary.

This comes after we heard that Foxconn was considering closing its Shenzhen factory altogether, to move the work to Vietnam, India and Taiwan, where labor is cheaper. I'm doubtful they'd close the Shenzhen factory down, due to the fact that they've raised workers' wages, installed safety nets around windows, and even hired two external property management companies to control the dorms.


Not to mention the fact that the world's eyes is on the Shenzhen factory, which makes products for Apple, Dell, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, so if all 800,000 employees were to lose their jobs CEO Guo Tai-ming would have a major ruckus on his front lawn. [USA Today via Kotaku]

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Couldn't it be possible they are opening another factory to offset the extreme workload on the shenzen workers? I know that's not nearly as glamorous as other stories but it seems likely...