Foxconn Is Installing Safety Nets on Buildings?

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Foxconn is getting plenty of attention over working conditions and employee suicides at its factories, but it seems that the electronics manufacturer may have somehow managed to quietly start installing some sort of suicide safety nets along its buildings.


According to a tipster, this photo is of Foxconn-owned buildings and shows some recently installed safety nets which are supposedly being put in place to prevent individuals from committing suicide by jumping off building roofs. It's possible that the nets serve some sort of other purpose, but this is the information we've received so far. [Thanks, Tipster!]



I am so sick and tired of hearing about these "pooooor Foxconn workers"

Today is Tuesday , and already this week I have put in 36 hours at my job.

Sunday 12

Monday 12

Tuesday 12 = 36

Sunday I worked till midnight and Monday I had to be into work at 7 am. I get ZERO lunch break so that 12 hours a day FLAT.... ON MY FEET. NO mp3 player , NO company paid breakfast , NO company paid lunch. my rent is $1400/month my utilities are another $100/month and my take home pay is $2000/month.

I seem to recall an article a week or so back where poooor wong dong has to work ...gasp 40 hours of OT a month and his take home pay is like 300% more than his bills or something. He is also able to save 40% ... YES 40% of his pay.

Give me a break,

working my tail off in NJ USA