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Frame Warping Goggles Adjust To Better Hug Your Face

Illustration for article titled Frame Warping Goggles Adjust To Better Hug Your Face

An elastic headband and a layer of foam padding is all that most goggles use to ensure they fit. But Scott's new Off-Grid snow specs actually allow you to tweak the shape of the frame, so they sit comfy on almost any face.


The company's Fit System uses a set of dials on the underside of the goggles that can be turned with a screwdriver, or a dime, if you don't carry stab-capable tools while on the slopes. Turning the dials to one of four positions changes the curve of the goggle's frame, so that even if you have a particularly wide or narrow head, they should sit comfortably against your face.

The only catch is that they won't be hitting the market until later this year for around $120. Leaving snowsport enthusiasts with freakishly-shaped heads patiently waiting. [Scott via Gear Junkie]


Image by Sean McCoy/Gear Junkie

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Warning. Probably good idea with major flaw. You can't just bend the lens to fit the new goggle shape without warping it and causing distortions in the optics.

great fit, wicked headache