Freecom's 2TB Hard Drive Secure Keeps Data 'Safe' with RFID

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With a name that sounds like it's gone through Google Translate repeatedly, the team behind Freecom's Hard Drive Secure must've put all their energy into the super-dee-duper RFID cards keeping your data safe. 'Cause RFID is absolutely not defeatable, right?


Basically, you wave a keycard to lock and unlock the data on the drive. That's great, but while I'm hesitant about RFID cards after lousy experiences with my Amex's ExpressPay chip, the Hard Drive Secure's specs made me weary for other reasons:

  • Includes 2 security keycards (1 user keycard, 1 master keycard) in credit card format
    which will lock and unlock the drive for use.
  • Controlled access using RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) for data security. The 2 included RFID keycards are AES encrypted.
  • USB 2.0 interface – connects to any modern computer
  • Reliable and fast data transfer
  • High quality aluminium enclosure with optimal internal airflow management
  • No cooling fan – no noise!
  • Compact design, only 15.5 x 14.8 x 4.3 cm, saves space on your desk

The Hard Drive Secure is available now (though strangely sold out) with a steep $500 price tag. [Freecom via EverythingUSB via GadgetReview viakCrunchGear]