Freedom Leg Looks About 1,000,000x Better than Crutches

Illustration for article titled Freedom Leg Looks About 1,000,000x Better than Crutches

Crutches. In a thousand years, their design hasn't fundamentally changed. And for something as minor as a sprained ankle or broken foot, the Freedom Leg looks like a welcome alternative.

A light, 2.5lb exoskeleton, the Freedom Leg moves all of your body weight from your injured foot to the prosthesis frame and your upper leg, meaning that you can walk pretty much like your used to while you heal up. And while I welcome resident doctors to list all of this product's flaws in the comments, to my pea brain, the idea seems so obvious and simple that it just might work. [Forward Mobility via medGadget via OhGizmo!]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Those straps would have to be pretty tightly wrapped around your thigh to support half of your body weight. I could imagine you would slip out of them and then accidentally put weight on your injured leg when it hits the ground. Or, if they are too tight, they might not be super comfortable for extended periods of time. Of course, having a crutch under your arm sucks for extended periods of time as well. #freedomleg