FreezePaint: A Fun Sandbox for Strange Photo Experiments

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There certainly is no shortage on photography apps lately. The lion's share of them are Instagram clones, allowing you to alter your pics with sepia-toned and vintage-style filters. FreezePaint, however, offers something completely different with an app that lets you capture and duplicate different parts of your image.

What does it do?

FreezePaint lets you build your own custom photo. Point your lens at an object and swipe your finger over a part of the screen that you want to replicate. When you're done, you can freeze the entire image and share it instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email.


Why do we like it?

It's unique and it's an original flavor from a lot of what has pervaded the App Store lately. You can capture funny shots or you can flex your artistic muscle. For example, you could make your friend look like the Hindu deity Ganesh by cloning her arms in different positions. Or you could could put your face on a child's body. There are plenty of options because FreezePaint is totally versatile, giving you a way to create something interesting on your iPhone.



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