French Battlefield Pinhole Camera Shoots Three Rolls of Film Simultaneously

With the name "Battlefield" you'd hope to see a rugged, war-proof camera which could withstand anything. Instead, this pinhole cam looks like it belongs in an art gallery, displaying an example of retro-futurism or something.

It's the work of French photographer Steven Monteau, who built the Battlefield (so named because it resembles a battleship...if you squint your eyes and turn your head to the right), and is made from cardboard, tape, aluminum foil, plastic tubes, nails and bottle-tops. Amazing work, considering it does actually look like an old camera from the '60s, found in a junk shop for a couple of bucks.


It produces the most amazing photos though, as it shoots three rolls of film altogether, using the pinhole technique. I'd say I wish they were up for sale, but considering Monteau's detailed exactly what parts he used to make it, I should stop being lazy and actually make one. Don't hold me to that, though. [DIY Photography via Wired]

Image Credit: -I-I-I-

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