Friday's Gif Party Is Handsome at Every Age

Christopher Plummer being handsome in Inside Daisy Clover.
Gif: Warner Bros.

You know what? It’s my first Friday gif party and I’m calling the shots. It’s a Plummer party.


Christopher Plummer was immensely talented and prolific but I don’t think we talk enough about what an absolute, complete, and total dreamboat he was. So, just for you, I rented the 1965 cult classic Inside Daisy Clover, starring Plummer, Natalie Wood, and Robert Redford, on Vudu (for $2.99! Miss Moneybags over here!) for the sole purpose of giffery. You are welcome.

Leave your favorite and most beautiful gif in the comments—Plummer or otherwise. Heck, leave any gif you want! We’re celebrating greatness in all its forms in this party. And there ain’t no party like a Plummer party; no Nazis allowed.

Best Chris, original flavor
Gif: 20th Century Studios

Captain von Thirst Trapp, amirite? (I’m so sorry.)

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