If you're still trying to find something useful to do with that Apple Remote that's bundled with new Macs, maybe you should duct-tape it to the neck of your guitar. plasq, the developers of Comic Life, have built a new music app called Rax 2 that acts a bit like Apple's Front Row, only aimed at musicians. Hit a button, and your Mac switches to a full-screen mode displaying sets of songs for performance, complete with notes and level indicators. You can switch from song to song using your Apple Remote (or a MIDI controller). Rax will load up sets of AudioUnit effects and instruments for each song via its software mixer/host. Hook up a projector, and Rax will even pump out visuals.

The whole thing runs simultaneous sound and visuals on a MacBook (Pro not required). Not only is that Apple Remote more useful, but you can go onstage with a Mac without embarassing trips to the QWERTY


Row for Music: plasq Rax 2, Mac Music Host, Takes You Onstage
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