Froyo is Finally Being Used by Over 50% of Android Users

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Don't be alarmed by Google's official pie chart, showing just 0.4 per cent of Android phones are running the latest Gingerbread update. Considering it's only available on one handset—Samsung's Nexus S, which went on sale mid-December—it's not bad.


The phone went on sale mid-December solely at Best Buy in the States, and while we're not happy about the state of Android firmware distribution, it's very much early days yet.


Froyo, on the other hand, has smashed its way from 43.4 per cent of all Android versions being used, in December, to 51.8%.

Considering Froyo launched back in May, it's heartening that over 50 per cent of users are now experiencing the speedier version, but we would've expected a larger chunk of that pie by now. Thankfully just 4.7 per cent of Android owners are running Android 1.5 (Cupcake) now—you've got to feel for those people, mind you. [Android Developers' Blog via PC Mag]


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