Fruit Powered Clock - It's Alive!

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The fruit clock is a digital clock/calendar powered by fruit. While emulating the original battery invented by Alessandro Volta over 200 years ago that utilized lemon juice, the creation of whole fruit in the mid-1900s has allowed the experiment to be perfected with artistic flare.

The kit includes jumper wires, time display, rubber stop and frame for its $14.95 pricetag. And don't feel bad while people are starving in the world as you destroy the food supply for a "conversation piece". You read Gizmodo, and are therefore a decent person (though you probably smell a little funny, honestly).


Product Page [via newlaunches]


The Lab

Nobody likes the guy who explains the joke but I feel I should point out that the "power" is not really provided by the fruit, it is provided by the oxidation and reduction of the metal electrodes you stick in the fruit. Otherwise we'd be that much closer to the Matrix scenario, only with fruit in pods instead of Keanu Reeves (a subtle difference to be sure).