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FT Says Europeans Getting Xbox 360 Price Cut Tomorrow

Illustration for article titled FT Says Europeans Getting Xbox 360 Price Cut Tomorrow

The Financial Times Germany has published a story saying Microsoft will be knocking down the Xbox 360 price on Monday (03/10/08). The price cuts are to take place across Europe and will supposedly see the Xbox 360 Arcade dropped from €280 ($432) to €199 ($307), while the Xbox 360 Pro will apparently be slashed to €299 ($461) from €349 ($538.)


This isn't the first time we have heard such rumors raging through the tubes, but the Financial Times is, more often than not, a super reliable source. Why do you guys care? Well, if this happens to be true—and we won't have to wait long to find out—surely the States will see some price cutting goodness shortly thereafter? [I4U]

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At those prices they were getting screwed anyway. Does that price include VAT? Does anyone know? I guess this could mean we get $50 drops across the board on our models. They really have to now, because the PS3 has become a serious value proposition.