Fujitsu's taken the handy exterior cameras found on high-end, larger vehicles today and applied some nifty video processing to make them a driving aid par excellence. In fact, Fujitsu's saying it's the world's first 360º wraparound vehicle view. The system has four exterior video cameras at the vehicle's corners, and a central processing unit that takes the feeds and processes them to give you exactly the best view to aid your current requirements.


This could be a proper birds-eye view to help you slide into a parking space more easily, or an adaptive perspective view for maneuvering in a tight spot, a 360º wraparound view for improved situational awareness when driving through a crowded urban area, and so on. Amazing stuff, seeming like its turning driving into a partly video game-like experience. The system is condensed to a system-on-a-chip device which Fujitsu is testing, able to process the video images within 30milliseconds for real-time information. Just don't expect it in your car anytime soon: Fujitsu's planning on releasing tech like this slowly and incrementally, as they verify the effectiveness of this additional driver situational awareness tech. As some of you have pointed out, Infiniti have had a vaguely similar-looking system for a while. But it doesn't offer the same degree of real-time, selectable multi-angle image processing power as Fujitsu's—this new system's specialty. [Fujitsu via Akihabaranews]