Fujitsu LifeBook's Tiny Secondary Display Tested on Video

Fujitsu's LifeBook N7010 is an unsurprising mid-to-high-end multimedia laptop, except for one thing: the 4-inch, 480x272 secondary screen. Akihabara News got their hands on one and ran it through its paces, coming away impressed.

The display performs as advertised, and has a few neat little tricks up its sleeve. There are preset launch buttons for a variety of programs as well as some screen-specific apps, like a photo slideshow, that have been adapted for touch and gesture recognition. There is also some interesting interaction between the lower and primary displays, with the former at time acting as an input pad for the active application, like a second, gesture-oriented touchpad.

The display really comes into its own when used as a raw display. Screen resolution is high enough that the screen is useful for displaying emails, and IM window or video without straining the eyes too much. Touchscreen capability is nice, but I suspect users will do most of their interaction with the touchpad with their mouse, as in this video.

The vid is needlessy drawn out, so skip ahead to the meatier bits starting at 1:15 and 4:05—HD is available if you click through. [Akihabara]

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Great concept, and good use of technology, but I don't think it is world changing, as it appears to be rather redundant to existing capabilities.

Kloi has it right, replace the touchpad with this, and you may have something that other manufactures may want to copy.