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We told you about Fujitsu's N6410 dual core laptop but we now have news of another Lifebook N series laptop coming out as well. The N3530 also includes Intel s Core Duo Mobile Technology as well as a 15.4-inch Fujitsu Color-Enhanced Crystal View Display.


It ships with Microsoft s Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 operating system and should be a nice swap for your desktop system with PCI Express graphics, ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 with 128MB HyperMemory technology, and DirectX 9.0 support.

Also comes with a Serial ATA 100GB hard disk drive and up to 2GB of dual-channel DDR2 memory and the ability to record TV. And the dedicated MS/SD/XD card slot and ExpressCard slot makes getting your media a lot simpler. Retails for about $1450 without customization.

Fujitsu Leads the Pack with a New Range of Notebooks with the Next-Generation Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Platform [Fujitsu]

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