Forget the Darpa's urban challenge. This fully automated Audi TTS—equipped with GPS, sensors, and guidance systems—is set to race on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a crazy 19.99-kilometer rally race circuit with 156 turns.

The team that created it wants to see if they can really push performance in such a challenging environment. The modded Audi TTS—which is already the fastest autonomous car in the world, running at 130mph—will have to face gravel and paved dirty roads, with 7% grades that will take it from 4,721 ft to 9,390 ft high.


I'm glad I won't be inside, testing. Although after a near-crash experience in a car this Sunday, I think this will actually be kind of fun. Not as fun as getting trapped into the space shuttle cargo bay without no safety straps, but fun nonetheless. [BotJunkie]

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