Fun Animation Perfectly Captures the Wild World of Eating Chinese Food at a Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurants can be really fun and lively places, where family and friends gather around giant banquet tables to talk, drink, and laugh together—all while eating food that’s constantly being spun around a Lazy Susan. Anatola Howard’s short animation Giraffe Soup captures the essence of eating Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant perfectly.


It’s also really great because it tells the story from the perspective of a kid, which translates perfectly to any outsider who’s looked at the dishes on the table and wondered what in the heck they were about to eat.

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Rayken W

Anyone else think that this video is more than a little racist? The food (giraffe, seals, mermaids, snakes, octopi, turtles, horses, a cat, EARTHWORMS, etc.) is based on the stereotype that chinese people have little to no food taboos (ex. “if it walks, crawls, swims or flies...). The all out melee/brawl for food (probably a reflection of martial arts films where they fight for food (ex. Kung Fu Panda dumpling fight).

Then again, if it’s from the perspective of a baby, maybe it’s ok. IIRC There was a study a while back that indicated that babies are intrinsically racist (Something about the positive/negative association with faces of people of different races).