Funko's Star Trek Figures Boldly Go Where Many Figures Have Gone Before

Star Trek: The Original Series is no stranger to retro action figures - hell, it got its own Mego line in the 70's, and there were the 90's playmates figures. But now Funko are turning their ReAction series to Trek for a third swing at the retro bat, and the first figures are pretty decent.

Funko have had the Trek license for the ReAction line for a bit now, but this is the first time we're getting to see the actual figures in the first wave - McCoy, Uhura, Sulu and Spock. Check them out, complete with their wonderfully retro packaging below:


It's surprising not to see Kirk in the first wave of figures! But welcome because it means we get Uhura alongside the men (although I think she's not the best figure of the set, especially with that unfortunate looking set of leg joints). ReAction can be hit and miss with the fine line between faithfully capturing the retro Kenner aesthetic and horrifyingly cheap messes - looking at you, ReAction Firefly - but I think these Star Trek figures are the first since the Alien ReAction figures that pretty much nail the old school Kenner style.

I kind of hope this means Funko could branch out the Star Trek Reaction line into The Next Generation, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise. It'd be pretty nifty to get different generations of Trek characters all together in one line again, like it was back with the Playmates toys! That would be really cool. Also an homage to the old cardboard Enterprise playset would be very appreciated.

There's no release date for these figures just yet, but expect them to be around the usual $10 price of the other ReAction toys whenever they show up.

[Funko on Facebook, via Toyark]

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