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Furloughed Employees During the Shutdown, Visualized

Illustration for article titled Furloughed Employees During the Shutdown, Visualized

Sometimes a picture can help make sense of a situation. This viz shows the proportion of government employees who are currently furloughed. It's as grim as the rest of the shutdown news.


Put together by Dan Delany, it's a simple yet striking visualization. The graphic breaks down employees in each department by those who are furloughed and those who are exempt—because they work in law enforcement, health & safety, are financed from available funds, or are busy protecting life.

The data was collated into one spreadsheet from a bunch of government-released PDF files if you want to take do something similar yourself. [Dan Delany via Flowing Data]

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The funny thing about this is that even with all this it only amounts to 17% of the government. So 83% of the government is still running just like it always did.

And by their numbers 57% of Government Employees are still working.

I think that the media hype on this shutdown is just a bunch of propaganda. 83% of the government is unaffected. We are all freaking out about 17% of the budget.

Think about this, we have a budget of $3.5 Trillion Dollars. The Deficit is $750 Billion. That means we have a budget deficit of 21%. If they just outright cut everything that is shut down right now, we would still not be able to balance the budget... and this is BEFORE Obamacare costs start happening.