Fuse Launches New SMS-Based Shows

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Fuse, that music network alternative to Viacom giants MTV and VH1, has recently announced three new shows that bring new meaning to "viewer-influenced programming". All three shows will utilize a proprietary technology that "overlays two-way interactivity powered by text messaging on cellphones and other hand held devices to traditional television formats." This SMS-TV technology, concocted by Netherlands-based Marketgraph, allows viewers to text messages that will eventually show up on TV.


Before you go "Now I can shamelessly troll and make fun of musicians right in their own music videos!", well, you can't. The three new shows are "relationship-based" and are aimed primarily at teenagers. They are "Perfect Pair," "Dumped," and "Heavy Texting." In "Perfect Pair," you can text your name and the name of your significant other (or boy/girl you're crushing on), and through some weird numerology mumbo jumbo, you'll get a compatibility rating texted back to your phone, which may also appear on the show (WHY would anyone want their compatibility rating shared on a music video show?). "Heavy Texting" is a more adult version of "Perfect Pair," presumably with more sexual references. "Dumped" is even weirder — you text in the names, and you get a numerology-based forecast on when your relationship will END. Again, WHY would anyone want this broadcasted on a music video show?

The SMS-TV technology will also be incorporated into a long-running show called "Daily Download" and there'll be live chat capability on that show. We're betting that these services won't be free, and will probably incur additional charges on top of your alloted monthly fees. I think this whole thing is kinda wacky, but obviously I'm not down with the youngsters. The three new shows will start to go live the weekend of October 17.

[Thanks, Christy]