Future Roku Devices Will Stream Netflix in 4K

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With 4K slowly but surely making its way to the mainstream, it was only a matter of time before the Ultra HD format hit Roku—perhaps the most promising streaming device on the market. Now, not only will Roku be hooking up with Netflix to start streaming in 4K, but it'll be teaming up with Best Buy's Insignia and Haier to offer Roku-powered TVs for all your content-streaming needs.

The push to pair with TVs is part of the expansion of Roku TV, a platform it hopes to license out to other hardware manufacturers in teh future. For now, though, the not-quite-high-end Insignia TVs won't be available until sometime in the second half of 2015 with the similarly mid-tier Haier's coming out a bit after. And still no word on price. If the past is any indicator, though, you can bet these suckers won't come cheap.

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4k streaming is awesome (if you've managed to score a cheap 4k set), but I'm really looking forward to a physical 4k format. Yes, I know, "physical formats r dying, streaming are teh futarre, u r so olddd!"

But I don't have to worry about a disc magically disappearing off my shelf if the company that released it loses the production rights. Streaming works well for popular titles, but for more obscure stuff, give me physical any day. I don't know if the current HDMI or Blu-ray specs can handle 4k, and some movies (yes, even old ones) pretty much deserve to be seen in that format.

I'd love to see a new disc format that can output 4k in 3D, at 60fps. Yeah, it's probably far off, but remember: inexpensive home 3D movies were just a dream for most folks a decade ago. Now I can go online and get a cheap 3D Blu-ray player and 3DTV to go with it for well south of 500 bucks (depending on what sales are available at the time), which is kind of bonkers.