G1 Google Phone Designers Reinvent the Automobile

Designers Mike and Maaike, the duo behind the design of the G1 Google phone, have turned their sights on automobile design, and their take on it is, well… interesting.

The Autonomobile, or ATNMBL, is a giant vehicle with panoramic windows that throws speed out the window. Instead, it focuses on the journey, driving to your destination automatically while you sit on the wrap-around sofa passenger seat and take in the view or interact with the entertainment system. It's powered by solar panels on the roof and has no way of the user controlling it.


It's a mere concept for now, obviously, but an interesting one. I can't imagine our car-crazy culture going for such a big change in how we get around, but this seems just right for urban environments where traffic prevents us from moving at any type of real speed anyways. [Dezeen via Fast Company]

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