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This "CAB" jacket is supposedly built for gadgets, says designer Hannah Perner-Wilson, but in all reality it is just a normal jacket with a lot of pockets.

This piece visualizes feelings towards an era of dependency on mobile technology. All these new possibilities right here, right now, right wherever we stand. We carry with us our gadgets; we are systems of sorts - a set of draws, a storage box, a showcase for our collections of digital data plus their extension with the outside world.
This clothing is not a new technology; it makes visual some of the things that could be said of what tends to remain invisible.

Clothing that arranges the body- is a garment made up of pockets that connect their content with the outside via the flow of electricity. Instead of regular plugs and plugholes the electrical current flows through material magnetic fastenings.


Seriously, what the hell does that even mean? No offense, Hannah, but you have hit the pipe one too many times.

Product Page [Via WMMNA]

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