Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Google Play Store

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Last week US courts ruled in favor of Apple by granting a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Google-designed smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus. Now, the phone has been pulled from the Google Play store, and Goggle is hurrying to put together a software patch to get around the ban.


The court injunction centers around a patent which Apple holds pertaining to searching multiple areas for information—on a device and elsewhere—through a single search interface. The Verge reports that Google is now putting together, or already has put together, an over-the-air patch to get around the problem.

The Verge is also reporting, however, that the Galaxy Nexus has been pulled from the Play store. It's not clear whether the stall in sales is due to the injunction, but it seems likely.

Apple has also now posted the $96 million dollar bond required to begin the Galaxy Nexus injunction in earnest—so regardless of what Google and Samsung do, it looks like they have a tough fight ahead of them. [The Verge]


How has Apple not been slapped with some sort of anti-compeditive law yet? Why are they depending on crushing everything similar to defend their market share so desperately? It would be understandable if their products weren't good but they are.

Search within an application or system wasn't unheard of prior to (what I assume the patent is about,) the iPhone. I mean, if every singlular use of every single technology was patented, shit would be fucked up. Even the interface isn't original, the autocomplete dropdown box has been around longer than iOS. (I am making the assumption again that this is for the Google searchbar on the homescreen.)

What if someone patented the very first search system and they refused to licence it? Despite the fact the GUI wouldn't be the same the underlying idea (what patents are about) is the same.