Galaxy Quest Could Become an Amazon TV Show

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By Grabthar’s Hammer! Galaxy Quest, the genius, underrated and ahead of its time scifi comedy is being developed into a TV show by Amazon. There’s no word on what direction they’re going with it, but the creative team remains the same.

The film’s co-writer Robert Gordon is writing the pilot and the film’s director Dean Parisot will direct. They’ll both executive produce, along with the original film’s producers, too. Once the pilot is done, Amazon will decide if they want to make more episodes.

But what about Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub and other NSEA Protector crew members and enemies? We don’t know. The show could try and work in their characters, it could recast their characters, it could reboot the idea entirely. You’d think many of those names are too big to do a streaming show. But maybe not.


Nevertheless, since its release in 1999, Galaxy Quest has never given up and never surrendered. Talk of a sequel has been out in the universe for years, there have been comic books, and a TV series kind of seems like the perfect place for a movie jokingly based on a TV show to end up.

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