Game of Thrones Challenges You to Find These Actual Iron Thrones

The Iron Throne.
The Iron Throne.
Image: HBO

As a follow-up to its strange call for blood donations in celebration of Game of Thrones’ final season, HBO has now launched the third phase of its “For the Throne” campaign with a treasure hunt of sorts. Six Iron Thrones have been hidden across the globe, and should you be clever enough to figure out where they are, you win the honor of saying...that you found a throne.


Along with a cryptic Instagram post instructing fans to “Seek the Weirwood in this Kingdom on Earth,” HBO also launched a series of videos shot around the first throne’s location, meant to act as the only clues as to where the thing actually is. Each hour-long video—Dawn, Day, Dusk—is set in a nondescript forest and, because they were shot with a 360 degree camera, you can look around the location for what little information there is to be had.

While it doesn’t seem like all that much is going on in any of the videos, you can see the course of the sun’s movement over time—which might help you figure out where the throne is, perhaps, though honestly, just happening to know this particular patch of forest is probably your best bet. Alternatively, this could just be a stunt to see if Game of Thrones’ fanbase is so rabid that it can be convinced to watch three hours of nature footage. (Remember that earlier HBO publicity stunt involving a certain very slowly melting block of ice?) It’s also worth noting that there’s a countdown clock associated with the contest that ends on...April 1st. So, you know, maybe reconsider setting off on this particular quest.

Game of Thrones’ final season begins April 14.

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Got it. This is clearly the Old Forest South of the Shire, and right around the Barrow Downs in Middle Earth. It confirms my theory that, just as he saved Frodo and his friends from the Barrow Wights, Tom Bombadil will swoop into Westeros to vanquish the White Walkers.