The Gamerator has been the first successful technology to combine our two favorite pastimes: video games and binge drinking. Because while it initially appears to be a drool-worthy 24-inch flat screen MAME arcade cabinet with 180 preloaded titles, the Gamerator's alter ego is that of a kegerator, keeping a pony keg chilled and on tap for your enjoyment at all times. Sounds like heaven? That's not all, my friends!

The Gamerator can also be customized to fit your console of choice or even a fully functional PC. Browse the web with a beer, and when you need a break in the chugging, just store your glass in one of the two built-in cupholders. You know, just like when you're cruising the strip in the minivan.


Remember the old days when you were stuffing more quarters into machines before time ran out? Well this is the new, over 21 and way more awesome version—though no one can predict just how many glasses will fall victim to "slip and shatter" as we try to booze up before putting the finishing whoop ass on M. Bison. And the $2,000 pricetag really isn't that bad when you consider...uhh...yeah, it's a bit pricey, even for a MAME cabinet. But we're sure it's worth every penny. [ebay via technabob]

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