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Gang of Steve Jobses Descends on Manhattan

How many Steve Jobses are there? According to this iPhone-waiting gang amusing all in line at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City, Steve Jobs appears in many forms. As promised, here's video of the parade of strangeness. They're all members of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB), an NYC improv group that puts together quality comedy shows seven nights a week. Pick your fave shapeshifting Apple CEO, right here. Will the real Steve Jobs please ... give away an iPhone?


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Just for your information:

These guys are the main group of improv agents from []

I'm an agent for the NYC area, however, I'm not that involved so no invite for this one :( (it was a personal mission).

There are some really funny ones, such as the Home Depot Time Shift and Best Buy Employees - and of course the annual and very popular No Pants Subway!

Check 'em out please!