Illustration for article titled Gateway Goes Off Deep End, Offers $4500 PC Rig for Best Video Stunt

Today Gateway announces its "Show Your Spots" contest, inviting any and all "thrill-seeking technology lovers willing to perform and film a crazy stunt" to win a $4,500 high-performance computer setup. Yikes.


Now I've heard that in this day and age, some folks are inclined to do silly things and even shoot video of them. Most corporations tend to look the other way, a few might frown on it, but we didn't think any actually encouraged it.

Nevertheless Gateway is planning to give away a $3,000 FX540XT machine and one of the coolest monitors in the world, the 30-inch 1600p XHD3000 with Silicon Optix Realta HQV upscaling to the best video submitter. The contest's only main rules are that a) the video must be under 3 minutes and b) it must feature "a genuine or fake Holstein cow." Yep, you are completely bananas, Gateway.


While this contest is in no way affiliated with Gizmodo, any of you ballsy submitters out there can feel free to CC your craziest works to our tips line as well. [Gateway Contest]

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