Geek God Builds DIY Super NES ROM-Creating USB Reader

An enterprising hacker named Matthias has created a fun, legitimate way to get SNES ROMs onto your computer. As he explains in the video, trips to those shady Russian porn sites are a thing of the past.


The crazy thing is Matthias claimed this was his first attempt at such a hack, and that he was really surprised at how easy the project turned out to be. The commenters at Hack A Day were unsurprisingly excited about the ramifications of such an invention.

Six-slot multidrive reader featuring support for NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Genesis, and N64 ROMs, anyone? [Hackaday]


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I would imagine you could make this for pretty much any cartridge-based game system, assuming the following.

1- You can get the correct sized slot (rip it from a broken system?)

2 - You know the pinouts for the slot.

3 - There's an emulator available for that system.

3 is already a moot point. I don't know a single system that there isn't an emulator for.

2 - can probably be figured out if the info can't be Googled.

1 - Ebay. Buy a broken Nintendo, SEGA console or handheld or whatever.