Geekiest Marriage Proposal Yet: Binary, Bender Mask, Flying RC Shark

Raising the bar on nerdy wedding proposals, YouTuber doctorpappa (possibly not a real doctor) decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him by donning a paper-mache Futurama Bender mask, and popping the question in binary.


As the story goes, he asked his girlfriend to close her laptop for a couple of minutes while he posted the video link to her Facebook wall. After logging back in she spent half an hour watching, transcribing, and then decoding the message, which turned out to be "Rachel, you are awesome. Will you marry me?" And possibly out of pity, or maybe wanting it to be over, she said 011110010110010101110011.

The floating RC shark balloon in the background is a nice touch, and really the only way to make this proposal even geekier would have been for this guy to be wearing that dice-rolling Dungeons & Dragons gauntlet. Then he would have been guaranteed geeky proposal supremacy forever. [YouTube via Geekologie]


You wanna know how I know thats binary for yes without looking or decoding? because it has 24 numbers. it would have had 16 if it was no.