Gemini Division Is Like Blade Runner, But Terrible

NBC continues to torture the internet with terrible webisodes. The network just released a new trailer for its webseries Gemini Division, staring Rosario Dawson as a woman who fell in love with a super-soldier (who's also Green Arrow in Smallville). Her beau fought in the Iraq war before going "awol." Now the government is hunting down its own killer robots. It's like Blade Runner — if you stripped it of everything that made it awesome. Why is Dawson doing a webseries anyway?


The trailer ends with terrible bald actors (a hallmark of NBC's online programming) urging Dawson to choose the right side. But as Dawson's presence in this webisode seems to demonstrate, making smart decisions may not be her strong suit. Also I'd like to place a memo to Hollywood: stop reusing the Sin City CG backgrounds now. I don't care if you just bought a new Mac and really want to try out the fancy new imovie, the backgrounds just look cheap and unappealing.



I really respect Rosario Dawson for not letting external forces ruin her career as happens to so many other beautiful talented actresses. Nope, she she said, if I'm going to wind up in Sci-Fi channel original pictures several years from now, I'm going to do it on my own damn terms!!!