While we're impressed by the technology behind military robots, it can be depressing when you realize that they're actually being produced to maim and kill. This paintball robot "Gepetto" gets rid of such guilt. And, as you'll see this video, it's a lot funnier when a robot turns on its master to cause moderate levels of pain rather than death. Hit the video at 1:15 to watch a grown man curl up like a sissy as his children laugh in the background.

Then, to watch the same robot trained for Wiimote control, hit the jump.

In this second clip, Gepetto is disarmed and trained for Wiimote response, getting "rewarded" for proper movements and "punished" for improper movements. It's a technical piece, but you can skip to 4:20 for the demonstration. You'll notice that the "fully trained" Gepetto is still only responding with about 20% accuracy...so it looks like a dream of Wiimote steering with precision aim is just a dream.


All in all, it's a neat ongoing robot project. Hit the link for a full list of technical details and updates. [trossenrobotics via technabob]


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