German Wang Spray is Instant Condom: From Liquid Rubber To Sweet Love in One Second

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

A German firm has developed a spray-on condom for all your lifestyle needs. The liquid condom comes in an aerosol can that you spray onto the organ in question. A few seconds later, the liquid solidifies into the familiar latex and forms a tight seal. The company says it's a great time saver and is easier to use than traditional condoms. It's still in the testing phase (in fact, they're looking for volunteers right now) so it might be a while before it hits the neighborhood drug store. Now there's no "but I hate putting it on" excuses. And anything that promotes safety and responsibility is A-OK in our books (usually).


Product Page (in German) [Vinico]



Spray on generously after penis is erect (hard), taking care to completely cover organ with gooey tar-like substance.

Quickly pinch a half to 1 inch "go large" reservoir tip, during Holidays form reservoir into Santa hat or snowman shape for extra fun.

If you partner requires extra stimulation, take pencil or similarly shaped object and bang out ribs into shaft portion of product.

Proceed to sex, if you feel the Spray-On break, stop immediately. Apply more product before continuing.

After ejaculation and before penis gets soft, soak in boiling water then remove carefully with putty knife.


Drugs and alcohol may affect your judgment, do not use Spray-On if you have consumed a case of beer or 6-10 shots of tequila.