Germans Can Now Unlock iPhone Using iTunes

As expected, the Germans can now get their unlocked 999€ ($1473) iPhones. The big news is that they don't come already unlocked. They are normal iPhones, and to unlock them you only need to use iTunes:


When you buy the $1473 iPhones, the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is recorded and sent to Apple, where 24 hours later customers will get an e-mail confirmation. After that it's just a matter of hooking the iPhone up to iTunes, and it's unlocked, using firmware version 1.1.2.

The move comes after all the legal wrangling and whining courts issued a temporary injunction against T-Mobile, and Apple began selling iTunes-unlockable iPhones in Germany. There's no news about iPhones purchased before the injunction, but most probably it will just require you to go back to the store, pay the difference and get your IMEI registered.

According to T-Mobile, an unlocked phone in Germany is not going to do customers much good, because T-Mobile is the only provider that can crank out that EDGE network transmission across the country. [Macrumors, via Boy Genius] (Thanks, Jenkman!)

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