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Get a Nook Tablet for $199

Illustration for article titled Get a Nook Tablet for $199

There have been Nook Tablet deals before, but they've often meant signing up for a subscription. Until midnight on Friday, however, you can get a Nook Tablet for $199, no strings attached.


Head over to eBay, use the promo code CNOOKDEAL, and you're done. That makes the Nook the same prices as the Kindle Fire. While we don't like the Nook quite as much as the Fire, it's a good deal, and the fact that the it's insanely easy to root may well swing it, if you're so inclined. [eBay via CNET]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I don't know if the Nook Tablet works the same way, but I was able to load Android (Gingerbread or ICS) without having to root my dad's Nook Color. All you have to do is burn an image onto a microSD card, insert the card, and boot up the Nook Color. You can automatically boot into either CM7 or CM9. Then, simply turn off the device and take out the microSD card and the device is unaffected and boots right back into the Nook OS.