Get Free Kindle Books from Your Public Library

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If you were worried that ebooks might kill off the public good of the library loaner, here's reason to worry a little less: Amazon's teamed up with 11,000 public libraries that'll beam books to your Kindle for free.


It's unclear whether the full overlap of your library's collection and Amazon's kindle catalog will be available, or just a smattering of literature. It's also unclear how long you'll be able to "borrow" an ebook for. But whatever's up for grabs, you'll have full access to it across any Kindle device or app, straight from your library's website. That's right—no need to even go into the library and see the faces of the downtrodden librarians whose job will soon consist mainly of ensuring the ebook server is still plugged in.

Check your local library's website for availability. [Amazon]


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You can already do this with Nook and various other e-readers with the open-source EPUB format, which Kindle doesn't support because they want you to buy their e-books on Amazon.

Basically, if you're a Kindle owner, you're only now getting a service that's been available for years.