Get Girls Half-Naked in Your iPhone

I'm not a fan of the Suicide Girls—although I've a crush for Gwen, a waitress at the Blackbird Parlour who looks like one, only prettier—but I love their iPhone application.

It works like those naughty pens with pin ups that fascinated me when I was 11 years old. They were one of my first fetishes: Turn them around and the girl will go from dressed to naked instantly. The ones I was obsessed with used water and floating french lingerie, which disappeared magically, thanks to Archimedes' principle, at the flick of the wrist. The day I saw one of these, I became obsessed with pin ups and corsets... but I digress here.


Instead of water, the Suicide Girl application uses the gyroscope in the iPhone. When you flip the iPhone the girl will get half-naked, turning around at the same time. I wish I could tell you that if you flip it again, she would get completely naked, but no, it doesn't work that way. It doesn't even allow you to pinch either, which is basically the main reason why the pinching gesture was invented. You know, Steve got one of the first iPhones and asked the dev team why the hell he could touch Diane Keaton's boobies but he couldn't pinch her. And right there, the pinch gesture was born.

I know. Too much wine for lunch. [iTunes App Store]

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