Get Intimate with a Nighttime Shrimp in 3D

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Consider the shrimp. Delicious to eat, whether doomed to a deep fryer or steamed and dunked in cocktail sauce. But, they're also quite enjoyable to watch prancing around! Especially in 3D, seen here, with a suitably sci-fi underwater soundtrack.


The short film, shot and produced by Xavi Tello, follows a solitary shrimp (or "prawn," if you so please) as it skitters across the ocean floor, on the lookout for predators and fishermen working for fast food chains. The footage provides a fine, closeup look at the shrimp's anatomy, its graceful movements, and its nervous interactions with its sandy habitat. Its bulbous eyes capture an almost human anxiety—a daily struggle against the unknown. May your last days be tasty ones, small friend. [Xavi Tello]

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Fookin' Prawns!!!

Sorry. Someone had to.