Get Your Crap Off My Table

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This one is real cute, a table that clears itself off. The Katazukue table is a basic table with two powerful conveyor belts built-in. Throughout the day, the table will get sick of you being such a slob and piling your cereal bowls, porn mags, and panties on top, so it will clear itself off by moving the conveyor belts until everything falls off the edge. The idea behind this is that we spend a lot of time at our table for multiple things such as breakfast or work and never get around to cleaning the table off sometimes. With that in mind, Katazukue thinks for itself and involves itself in the process of work by cleaning its surface off. You can check it out if you're in Japan at the BankArtLife show in Yokohama this winter.

Katazukue, the tidy table [WMMNA]


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