Getting These Hilarious Gag Gifts Will Ruin a Geek's Christmas

Sure you could buy an SSD or an iPad mini or a Samsung Galaxy S III but where's the fun in that? Those gifts would be great and if they're a self-respecting geek, they should get that themselves. These made up gag gifts by Joy of Tech though? Torturous comedic gold.


Which gift is the best (as in the worst)? Has to be between the PornTrap or BlackBerry gift certificate, right? Can you imagine a life without the dark corners of the Internet and/or using a BlackBerry as your main phone? That would be like life in 1999. Check out all the gifts below. [AllThingsD]



An Ipad Mini is not a respectable gift for a real geek. For a poser, or a hipster or someone who claims to be creative, but no technically skilled person would want that shit, not ever.