Ghetto-Tech R/C Plane Tutorials: Cheap Aerial Video and Lego Autopilot

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Chris Anderson, EIC of Wired, has a geek weakspot: R/C Planes. Here's a guide he wrote to turn shitty digicams, old parts from tripods, some cardboard and rubber bands into a budget aerial video solution. (Plane not include, and best used on a stable plane like the EasyStar.) Then, he jury-rigs some mindstorm kit into a crude autopilot system that returns home via a compass heading 180 degrees from its original path. It could work, but only if the airplane's tail is pointing at you when you activate it. Anyhow, this is only a holdover until he gets the GPS worked into there.

Video of the aerial cam after the jump:


This info came to me by Wired's Geek Dad Blog, which is maybe their best blog yet. Maybe that's because more than a few editors there are entering parenthood right now. I can feel the excitement for both their kids and the granular tech coming through in each post; that's something you don't feel in every big-picture tech story.

P.S. I've done round ups of R/C Plane reviews for Wired, and I'd think many of those models I'd recommended then, are as good or better now.

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As I'm looking at this stuff I keep thinking about the weight and it's bothering me.

Legos? A full size camera?

How cool are these planes if they have that kind of capacity? It makes me winder what you could do if you bothered to engineer the stuff to be smaller!