Giant cargo plane lands by mistake at airport too small for it

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It seems that nothing is wrong with this Boeing Dreamlifter, standing by at Jabara Airport, in Wichita, Kansas. Except that's not the airport this airplane was supposed to be and, worse, its runway may be too small for it to take off.


The Dreamlifter—a cargo airplane designed to take Boeing parts from its factories around the world—landed at the wrong airport yesterday night. It was supposed to land at McConnell Air Force Base. Talking to The Whichita Eagle, McConnell spokesman Stefan Bocchino said that "the tower was in contact with the pilot. They were the ones who told him where he landed. From what I understand, the guy just landed and had no clue where he was landing."

But the real problem comes now. The Dreamlifter has to take off from Jabara's runway, which may be too small—it requires about 9,000 feet but this airport's runway is only 6,100 feet. However, the 9,000 feet figure is for a fully loaded plane. However, since the Dreamlifter has burned most of its fuel since it took off from New York's JFK yesterday, they are going to try to leave to McConnell AFB at 1pm today.

How the hell do you land in the wrong airport in this age of GPS and radio communications is beyond me.


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