Giant Robots Are a Lot More Manageable in Styrofoam

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From what we've heard, a 22-foot robot can be a pain to keep. Sure, it sounds great at first-get carried everywhere, never wipe yourself again-but you never know when a robot will reach singularity and gut you in revenge for making it love like a real person.

Luckily these styrofoam robots by artist Michael Salter come with no such caveats. His tallest creation reaches over 22 feet in the air and is held together by a wooden skeleton. But the most interesting part of the work is that he didn't know if it would stand until he set it up at the museum.


(this is obviously a different robot)

Salter was forced to build the robot in chunks-arms, legs and torso. It wasn't until he reached the San Jose Art Museum (where the exhibit is on display through October) that Salter assembled the robot in full for the first time. And it stood!


But apparently it could fall with a firm push...not that anyone would mess with a giant robot, styrofoam or not. [Komo News via DVICE]