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Once you weed through all the corporate Newspeak, to combine two different things, you'll realize that the gSmart i128 is a Windows Mobile 5.0-powered smartphone with its main feature being useful for only a small percentage of people out there. That is, it's mulit-lingual, supposedly a coup for businessmen. And here I thought English was the lingua franca of business. It has many of the features that users of smartphones have come to expect, like Wi-Fi, analog TV reception, a camera (2.1-meapixels) and the assortment of Microsoft applications that businesses rely on, rightly or wrongly.

Its multi-linugal capabilities are the result of a collaboration between Gigabyte and Alta Vista's Babel Fish. It supposedly lets users do exciting things like search for stock prices in as many as 98 different languages.


The gSmart i128 is supposedly identical to the Taiwan-only sSmart-i, pictured here. No word on price, though.

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