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Gillette 5 Blade Razor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let's consider the following events: Gillette has created a razor with 5 blades and we discover a blog dedicated to shavers and shaving. Both of these items are unusual, at best, but the conjunction of both of these at the same time is like watching a solar eclipse—if I didn't have two millennia of scientific learning and reasoning to assuage my fears, I would think the world was going to end.

Anyway, the Schick Quattro, that nasty-assed bitch of a razor, can just get itself out of the house and back into the street where it belongs. The Gillette Fusion, which comes in powered and unpowered versions, is here and it wants its man back. Basically, it has one more blade, but to hear Gillette talk about it should you encounter God, God would be cut.


Gillette Introduces Five-Bladed Razor. I'm Not Kidding. [ShavingStuff - I know! Who'd a thunk it!]