While the Boy Scouts might have their ballyhooed robotics badge, it is actually the Girl Scouts who struck first in this pee-wee tech war with a working prosthetic hand that has helped a 3-year-old Iowa girl write with her fingerless hand.


Developed by the Flying Monkeys, an Iowa Girl Scouts troop comprised of 11- to 13-year-olds, the limb was created help from an occupational therapist and a local prosthetics manufacturer. The device allows 3-year-old Danielle to grip a pencil and, as most technological upgrades to the human body will be in the future, is superior to what nature intended with its additional cylindrical holder for other tools.

The device netted the girls $20,000 for a patent, which will hopefully lead to more children with limb disabilities being given the ability to write and interact with other media-creation tools in the future. [CNET]

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